Joost de Lijser - the geek - the server

One fine day i came accross an ebay advertisement for... a tape library for 150 euros. I just had to have it. :P 
One thing led to another, and after winning a bid on a cisco network switch...

i found a great pair of servers for very cheap at the same place. 2 HP DL580 G5's, with 2x quadcore Xeons, 16GB of memory each, but no disks. 

A few ebay purchases later (disks, trays, extra raidcontroller), and a day of opening up the boxes and moving parts around, and the 2 servers were now 1 big server, with 16 CPU cores, 32 GB of memory and 16x 72GB sata disks, which i set up in 4 raid 10 volumes. I salvaged what i could from the 2nd server for spare pieces, and gave the case to a scrapmetal place.

I now had a host server which could rival the hosts of the smaller TSM servers at my work, and would support the latest version of TSM.

the TSM backup server