Joost de Lijser - the geek - the tape library

My jewelpiece and by far the geekiest thing to have at home, is my tape library ;) Yet it was the first enterprise class hardware that i got, and the reason for all my other purchases and finds. It's a DELL ML 6020, which is a rebranding of an ADIC/Quantum i500, IBM also has their version - TS 3310. The reason i got it is that it is compatible with LTO-6 drives, in case i have any future plans for petabyte scale data backup ;-P.

Below is a picture of how i received it, everything had to be taken out to reduce the weight. Still weighing over 50 kg empty, it was pretty tough getting it up the stairs to my 2nd floor appartment...

Some specs: 4x LTO-3 FC drives (6 max), with currently 21 tapes (85 slots licensed) note: no longer on a 169.254 subnet (this is an old screenshot)

The library was also easy to set up, storage hardware is pretty intuitive :) 
So the next step was to configure my TSM server to use it, which is what i do for a living, so no problems there either.
Once again, the toughest part was on the OS side, compiling the IBM tape driver for my kernel...

Below a screenshot of the migration of the backed up data from the disks in the server to the tape library, and a second one of the library on TSM.


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