Joost de Lijser - the geek - the tsm backup server

Next i had to install and configure Centos (Redhat Enterprise Linux clone) on the host, as it was the most accessible OS that would support both my hardware as well as my TSM server. This is where i spent relatively the most time (or much more than i expected at least) - the configuration of the OS. Redhat's different C library packages are a nightmare. I suggest anyone planning the same, to install the developer packages from the start, as you will need them at some point anyway, when you have to compile some package needed for something or other. (for me it was the tape driver).

my bed, cat, caffeine, notebook, workstations and servers in the background.

Slowly but surely the TSM server was up, then the configuration went fast, and my first node was registered and backing up to disk.

However to send the data to tape i needed a SAN, as my tape drives were fibrechannel...

the san