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The Silver Ships - Scott H. Jucha

The Silver Ships by Scott H. Jucha is not only the longest epic i've seen so far, but also the series that comes closest in writing style to Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Robot series.
I'm currently reading the series, and am at book 11 of 31! and counting..., but i wanted to add this series right after Asimovs works. The Authors surprise plot twists are less ground shaking than Asimov's, but they happen more often throughout the storyline, making it easier to keep your attention focussed, and are arguably, a friendlier reading experience than Asimovs work. The story so far is about Alex, an asteroid miner from a shipwrecked earth colony, who discovers a drifting faster than light capable ship, revives its human crew from hibernation with the help of the ships sentient AI, and is propelled into the political intrigues of the far more advanced earth colonies of the rescued ships crew. He becomes a world leader, befriends "robots", humans from various colonies, various aliens, while fighting other aliens and humans. Only 2 of the 11 books i've read so far were weaker than the others. Book 5 "Sol", which becomes a "Military Sci-Fi" story with half the book being a single battle, and book 6  "Espero" which is an attempt at a "detective/crime" story. Both books have chapters which tie back in to the main "epic" storyline, so i recommend not skipping the 2 books, but if you need to, skip sections, to where the story becomes interesting again. Book 7 "Allora" is a novella, which picks up, and continues on the amazing story of the first 4 books again, and so do the next books in the series, at least until book 11, where i am now, and it's been a truly wonderful read so far. The series has 2 spin-off series in the same universe, which are said to tie in with the main series. If the author can keep up this high quality across so many books, then he is truly the "King" of epic sci-fi. I can't recommend a reading order yet beyond book 11, but below is what is recommended by others:

The Silver Ships:

      1. The Silver Ships (2015)
2. Libre (2015)
3. Meridien (2015)
4. Haraken (2016)
5. Sol (2016)
6. Espero (2016)
7. Allora (2016)
8. Celus-5 (2017)
9. Omnia (2017)
10. Vinium (2017)
11. Nua'll (2018)  - reading now -

12. Artifice (2018)
13. Sojourn (2019)


01 Empaths (2017)
02 Messinants (2018)
03 Jatouche (2018)
04 Veklocks (2019)

The Silver Ships:

14. Alliance (2019)
15. SADEs (2020)
16. Earthers (2020)
17. Talus (2020)
18. Elvians (2020)
19. Q-Gates (2021)
20. Conclave (2021)

    Gate Ghosts:

1. Axis Crossing (2021)
   2. Clone Crisis (2021)
   3. Race Rivalry (2022)
   4. Vortex Incursion (2022)
   5. Dual Domains (2022)
   6. Alien Intrigue (2022)
   7. Deadly Gambits (2023)