epic sci-fi

Star Scavenger - G J Ogden

What Star Scavenger lacks in political intrigue, it more than makes up for in its adventure content. Its sort of an Indiana Jones in a dystopian universe. A security officer is drawn into the world of the scavengers, outlaw like xeno-archeologists who fight eachother over alien artifacts they find in the hulks of crashed spaceships. When he comes into posession of a shard of an alien artifact that everyone wants. His privately contracted security force, the military, a crime syndicate, and hundreds of "wild west" xeno-archeologists who shoot first and ask questions later. On the run from everyone, he tries to discover what the alien artifact is, and how it could save the universe from a long dormant alien threat.  A very enjoyable series that reads and feels like watching a long movie trilogy, but it's over before you know it...   

 1. Guardian Outcast (2020)
   2. Orion Rises (2020)
   3. Goliath Emerges (2020)
   4. Union's End (2020)
   5. The Last Revocater (2020)