epic sci-fi

The Interdependency - John Scalzi

John Scalzi's "The interdependency" has a lot of parallells in its story line, but not so much in writing style, to Isaac Asimovs Foundation series, An empire about to collapse, and the main characters trying to save what they can of it. Political and religious intrigue, assasinations and plot twists, adventurous missions and discoveries of lost outposts and colonies.

The "Flow", a network of wormhole-like structures, which connects the various worlds of the empire, is failing, making faster than light travel risky or impossible. And because the worlds of the empire depend on eachothers specialized goods and 1 world for food, billions are predicted to die, and a struggle for power begins. A young scientist, an unlikely heiress to the throne and the friends they make on the way, must combine their wits to save the universe they know.

This is not a "slow" epic sci-fi story. The Author keeps a high pace and builds a lot of tension in the story. It's one of the better epic sci-fi's i've come across, one i will very likely read again.          

1. The Collapsing Empire (2017)
2. The Consuming Fire (2018)
3. The Last Emperox (2020)