epic sci-fi

Interstellar Gunrunner - James Wolanyk

The title sounds like a military sci-fi, but it's far from that. James Wolanyk is a young author with a very fresh perspective on sci-fi. His "hero" is an unscrupulous free thinking arms dealer, in a dystopian universe dominated by religious fanatics. His morals are very low, but those of his opponents are even lower. This leads to a lot of sarcastic, even cruel humor, so if you're not a fan of that, avoid... Personally i think it's one of the best seres i've read, and i hope he writes more books with the same characters, or in the same universe. He creates a crazy universe full of wonder and weirdness, in which the unsympatheric main character has to help the rebels / the good guys, save the universe. But the reason he has to do it, is to get rid of his debts... All while tricking and conning his ennemies, his customers, his own crew, and some super natural beings. Its by far the funniest of the series i've listed here. Full of adventure, intrigue and weird aliens.
All the right ingredients in the right amounts, without ever getting boring.

    1. Interstellar Gunrunner (2021)
   2. Time Breaker (2021)
   3. Cosmic Savior (2021)